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Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing and Staining is a great choice when it comes to creating a durable, long lasting, low maintenance floor. Because concrete is a trusted and durable surface, it is used in a majority of public projects for its tough qualities. Adding a polish and stain to concrete allows for the same tough surface to find function in a private home because of the added aesthetic appeal. Not only does this treated concrete look nice, but polishing concrete, using densifiers epoxys, will also harden the surface of your concrete floor, making it denser and more resistant to spills and stains. Concrete is very resilient to abuse and wear. These floors are great for industrial or high traffic surfaces, including garage flooring. Restaurants and warehouses often select polished concrete to create a clean and modern aesthetic while keeping a low maintenance and enduring surface. Polishing the concrete will also eliminate the need to continually replace your flooring while looking favorably industrial or modern. You can stain the concrete any color for your application, whether you need to match company colors or hide anticipated scuffs and stains. We can work on any job in California, so give us a call at (805) 683-4085 because no job is too big or small for us.