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Quartz Carpet Pebble Flooring

Santa Barbara Surfacing, Inc. now proudly provides Quartz Carpet Pebble Flooring. Quartz Carpet is a resilient, hand-troweled, seamless floor covering solution that combines natural quartz granules with resin for a durable option for virtually any interior or exterior surface. It’s highly decorative look can incorporate most logos, inlays, and graphics. With an open structure, it creates the coverage of carpet with the durability of tile. A modern alternative to traditional flooring options with over 1,000 colors, Quartz Carpet granules come in a variety of sizes and are treated with a proprietary UV coating to protect from fading. View our gallery below to see all the creative uses of Quartz Carpet with applications in residential, commercial, civic, medical, hospitality, and more. For more design ideas, visit the gallery at Quartz Carpet. Please call us today and speak with one of our quartz carpet experts for a free estimate: (805) 683-4085.

Benefits of Quartz Carpet

  • Easy To Clean
  • Low Maintenance
  • Interior Applications
  • Exterior Applications
  • Infinite Colors
  • Incorporate Recycled Elements
  • Corporate Logos
  • Unique Designs
  • Seamless
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • ADA Compliant
  • Stain Reistant
  • Naturally Beautiful
  • Comfortable Walking Surface
  • Sealed & Unsealed